• Northern Beaches, Sydney

In the tranquil neighbourhoods of Belrose, our team embarked on a particularly intricate tree pruning project. A massive dead branch, looming ominously over three houses, demanded our immediate attention, especially with a significant storm on the horizon.

Given the size and precarious location of the branch, this was not a typical pruning job. The task's complexity necessitated the use of a 60-tonne crane, a testament to the weight and challenge of the operation. Timing and precision were paramount; not only did we have to ensure the safety of the properties below, but we also had to race against the impending storm.

Our crew, displaying their usual dedication and expertise, maneuvered the crane with precision, carefully detaching the branch without causing any damage to the homes below. The operation concluded successfully just in the nick of time, as the first rumbles of the storm began.

This Belrose project stands as a testament to our team's unwavering commitment to safety, timely response, and proficiency in handling even the most challenging of tree-related tasks. Once again, our crew has proven their expertise, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients.

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