• Northern Beaches, Sydney

For this specific project in Longueville, our team at Affordable Tree Services Northern Beaches was tasked with clearing a domestic plot overwhelmed by overgrown brush. The 1,200 square foot area had become a haven for all manner of weeds, brambles, and stray tree branches, making it virtually unusable for the property owner.

The site posed a challenge not only in its unkempt state but also in its proximity to neighbouring properties. This meant that our team had to exercise utmost caution to ensure that the clearing process did not disturb the adjacent homes or cause any damage to the nearby fences.

Our objective was twofold: to efficiently clear the overgrown brush and to do it in an environmentally responsible manner. To this end, we utilised specialised brush cutters and mulchers that not only expedited the task but also minimised the carbon footprint of our operations.

Project details