• Northern Beaches, Sydney

In the heart of Queenscliff, nestled between two homes, stood a tree that posed a unique challenge. The narrow space and the tree's proximity to both structures demanded an approach that was both innovative and surgically precise.

Given the constraints, conventional tree removal methods would prove insufficient. Recognising the need for specialised equipment, our decision to deploy a crane was immediate. A crane offers unparalleled control and precision, enabling the removal of larger sections of the tree without endangering the neighbouring homes.

From the onset, our team meticulously planned each move. After securing the tree and ensuring the safety of both houses, sections were methodically cut and hoisted by the crane, ensuring that each piece was safely and efficiently transported from the tight space.

The operation was carried out seamlessly, reflecting our team's expertise and the advantages of utilising the right equipment for such specialised tasks. By the project's end, the tree had been expertly removed, with both homes remaining untouched and undisturbed.

Project details